Shadow Projection Part 1 of 3: Projecting Your Brilliance (Audio)

Shadow Projection Part 1 of 3.  Audio discussion presented by James Blacker and Gary Hawke.  Click the Play button below to listen.

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In the first part of this “quick” and opportune discussion on The Shadow – and in particular how we ‘Project’ The Shadow, Gary explains that one of the dynamics of going to see a motivational speaker is to project our own brilliance onto them – because we don’t quite accept our own brilliance (due to having repressed it into The Shadow), so we see it in them. 

“[In these hypothetical instances] the other person becomes a mirror in which I can see my repressed energies.” – Gary Hawke

He also explains how, because of our suppressed energies, we might interact with others not as an authentic human being, but as an object – in which we see our own Shadow characteristics.

“If I’m told in my early age, “Don’t speak until you’re spoken to”, or “Don’t sing because you haven’t got a very good voice”, all those things I put into my bag of ’stuff’ that I don’t want to look at.” – Gary Hawke

About Gary Hawke

Gary HawkeGary Hawke is an Integral Therapeutic Practitioner, and pioneer of an Integral approach to Life Practice. He is the founder and facilitator of The London Integral Life Practice Group, which, in July 2008, facilitated the Introduction to ILP with the co-creator of ILP, Terry Patten. As such, Gary is centrally involved in the pioneering, practice and development of Integral Transformative Techniques and Practices. In 2008, Gary attended the 3rd Integral Leadership in Action Conference in Boulder, Colorado, where he led the Conference’s morning ILP session, and, in 2009, returned to present as a speaker. His qualifications, training and experience have taken him from a three year Acting Diploma, to a Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Greenwich University, Prison Education Management work, and the development of positive independent living skills. More about Gary Hawke.

About James Blacker

James BlackerAs founder of first Papillon Human Potential, and, later, Whole Life Whole World, James is involved in pioneering virtually all of the Whole Life Whole World websites and projects. As an Integral Philosopher, Body Wisdom pioneer and Wisdom Coach, his work aims to strengthen human consciousness by illuminating human potentials in all their glorious dimensions. He is the author of the epic coaching programme, Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success, and The Wisdom Diet, and is co-founder of The Body Wisdom Campaign and Culture, which aims to promote and encourage a culture of listening to the body for the benefit of all our health. James has also recorded audio products and interviews with some of the country’s top health experts, including Good Sleep with UK Sleep Expert, Dr Neil Stanley, Nutrition and Healthy Cells with the Human Nutritionist, Dr Laurent Bannock, and Strength for Life with founder of The National Rehabilitation Centre for The Paralysed, David Heard. More about James Blacker.