Benefits of Shadow Work

Working with The Shadow helps us to;

  1. Recognise our Shadow projection
  2. Release the energy used to hold the repression in place
  3. Allow a reconnection to Authentic Self by loosening up the filter between The Mind and Spirit
  4. Deepen interpersonal relationships
  5. Enable a more directed feeling of freeness and fullness

We see and read about people who have fallen foul of their repressed energies, from the politician who campaigns to stamp out prostitution only to be found paying for sex, or the sportsman with a clean cut public image who in private cannot sustain an authentic loving relationship, to the guru who enjoys the private company of young women.

As Suzanne Wagner said at the top of these pages – it is hard and painful work dealing with The Shadow; it is so much easer sitting in silent meditation deep in the arms of the divine at one with the Causal Self.

No one wants to enter the land of shadows but once you have made the journey you will find gold and wonder… and yourself.

And in the end as you work through and release the repressed energies, slowly, step by step, you return to that simple feeing of being.