How Do I Meet The Shadow?

In the past it was thought Meditation could help in supporting shadow work, however, we now know that whilst Meditation is a great way of realising your ‘Original Face‘, but it is lousy at dealing with The Shadow.  Why?  Because you cannot meditate on something that you cannot see.

In ‘Igniting Inspiration’, John Marshall Roberts puts it this way;

“The Shadow creates a filter between the Mind and Spirit, we use meditation to reconnect with Spirit but once we leave the meditation and fall back into Mind we lose the Spirit connection.”

The Shadow filter is too strong for the Mind and Spirit to stay in relationship.

In ‘Meeting the Dragon’, Robert Augustus Masters explains that if we want to meet our Dragon (Shadow) and take back our positive repressed aspects (Gold) then we must turn towards the Dragon sitting on the gold and face the fear and pain of re-owning the repressed negative aspects that the Dragon represents.