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A Psychological Model of The Shadow

Frank Lake observed that at birth, for the first nine months of life, a baby moves from mother’s birth womb to the Psycho-spirit, “Womb of Spirit”.

In the “Womb of Spirit”, the baby is held in being-in-relationship, safely empathetically connected to its (M)other, as (M)other holds and reflects to Baby its Spirit (Source).

But towards the end of the nine months, the infant begins to realise that it is in fact separate from (M)other. As the Authentic Unifying Centre is broken, the infant moves from a simple feeling of being-in-relationship to a being-in-the-world.

This is an overwhelming time for the infant, as it faces its own self; it becomes separate from Source (Spirit) and is plunged into the depths of terror, despair, and emptiness.

If, however, the empathy connection with (M)other is strong, the infant will develop a strong internal sense of being. If the connection is broken or weak, the infant will be wounded at a level of being.

To deal with the pain of the wounding, psychologically speaking, the infant sets up defences against the world. One defence is to repress anything that might bring dis-ease.

Repressed aspects are stored within an unconscious space in the infant’s psyche, a space in which repressed energies can be forgotten about; Jung used an archetype as a metaphor to describe this forgotten unconscious space.