Working with The Shadow

Well let’s keep this simple and use a basic Integral Theory perspective.

That which we have repressed we tend to see in others, we PROJECT the repressed characteristic on to other people, so other people become a mirror in which I see my Shadow energies.

There is a well-known and established, 3-step approach to Shadow Work;

1. Face It

So Face It, face the Mirror, see how your strong emotional energy is projected into the other (other people);

“They are always so Angry”, or “They are so Chaotic”, or “They are really Great”.

2. Talk To It

Now let’s Talk To It, let’s talk to that emotional energy;

“Why do you see me as Angry or Chaotic”?

“Because I find it frustrating to be around you, it’s like I have a real strong need to push you away, like I do not want you around”.

“What do you not want around?”

“I do not want Angry/Chaos around.”


“My parents always told me that if I got Angry or was Chaotic, God would punish me”.

(So Angry/Chaos were repressed).

3. Be It

Now Be It, re-own your repressed energy – and say “I have Anger/Chaos”.

And as we reconnect with a repressed energy, we free up a little bit more energy, energy that we can use in supporting our life’s growth and development.

It Works Just as Well with Positive as with Negative…

This process could quite easy work with the repression of “They are so Great” – or what William A. Miller terms ‘The Golden Shadow’;

“When we project positive traits onto others, especially without empirical evidence—such as in romance, these are traits of our own that, for whatever reason, we refuse to allow entry into our consciousness.  Make a list of positive traits in others, and notice when you say, “Oh, I could never be like that!”  These may well be part of your Golden Shadow”.